Have a clear plan and avoid the tendency to ramble

Devry SPCH 275 Week 4 Homework Latest

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Devry SPCH 275 Week 4 Homework Latest 

Classmate Feedback

Please deliver and record a structured critique of at least one of your classmates’ presentations. It’s a good idea to assemble notes or write a brief outline of your comments before you begin, though neither is required for this assignment. To frame the basis of your feedback, please consider the following areas:

  • Have a clear plan and avoid the tendency to ramble.
  • Balance positive comments with areas of opportunity.
  • Address all four canons of rhetoric (invention, arrangement, style, and delivery) for content.
  • Use examples to support your comments.
  • Provide both honest and encouraging feedback aimed at your classmates’ awareness and improvement.

Though there is no strict time limit for this presentation, aim to keep it concise but still address the above listed areas with sufficient details. Your classmate will receive this feedback, so please make this an exercise in developing your critiquing skills and a tool for other speakers’ growth.


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